Table 3: Oxalate decarboxylase (OxdC) activity in concentrated culture supernatant and cell lysate of various recombinant L. plantarum WCFS1 strainsa.

Name of strain (plasmid)Protein localizationOxdC (U/mg protein) activity in culture supernatant at OD600 = 1.7OxdC (U/mg protein) activity in cell fraction at OD600 = 1.7Secretion efficiency* (%)

WCFS1 (pSIP-OxdC)IntracellularNA ND
WCFS1 (pLp_0373sOxdC)Extracellular 22
WCFS1 (pLp_3050sOxdC)Extracellular 9

Data are mean of three independent experiments, NP: no production, NA: no activity, and ND: not determined, and secretion efficiency were determined at OD600 = 1.7 between the culture supernatant and cell fraction of respective strains.