Table 1: Some maps of electrodes in the EGG recording.

AuthorsStomach positionElectrode positionCoordinatesNotes

Mintchev et al.
Cutaneous reference points Proximal electrode5 cm to the left of the xiphoid process on the costal margin
Commonly used
A row of 4 electrodes
(3 cm apart)
Between the first electrode and the junction of the mid-clavicular line with the right costal margin

Patterson et al.
Cutaneous reference pointsOne electrodes
Between the umbilicus and the xyphoid process
Alternative ones
Second electrode Left side of the abdomen, one-third of the distance from the ventral mid-line to the left axial mid-line, 1 cm below the lowest rib

Koch and Stern  
Sonography2 electrodes
Surface overlying the antropyloric axis calculated by ultrasonography
Best signal to noise ratio
The reference electrode Placed to form an equilateral triangle

Mirizzi and Scafoglieri [24]X-Ray/sonographyA daisy-chain of 6 electrodes
(3 bipolar channels)
Surface overlying the antro-pyloric axis calculated by ultrasonography/X-ray for at least one channel
Best signal to noise ratio

Chen et al. [25]Cutaneous reference pointsFive electrodes The main electrode located 2 cm above the mid-point between the xiphoid process and the umbilicus.
Three more electrodes were located on an upper 45 deg angle, with an additional electrode located 4 cm to the right of the central electrode.
Reference electrode on the right lower quadrant
Designed to pick-up propagation