Table 2: Description of malaria antigen candidates.

Life cycle-stageVaccineDescription

PreerythrocyticCSPCircumsporozoite protein exhibited at the sporozoite surface
PfCS102282–383 sequence of the C-terminal region of CSP from P. falciparum NF54 strain
ICC-1132Universal T and repetitive B/T epitopes from CSP fused to HBcAg and autoassembled as VLPs
RTS,SCSP C-terminal extreme containing B and T cell epitopes fused to HBsAg and assembled as VLP
PEV302Virosome containing UK-39 peptide corresponding to the immunodominant NANP repeat region of CSP
LSA-3Liver stage antigen 3
FMP011Recombinant protein of LSA-1 from 3D7 strain
ME-TRAPMultiepitope (ME) consisted of preerythrocytic fusion antigen consisting of 17 B cell, CD4+, and CD8+ T cell epitopes from six P. falciparum antigens fused to the T9/96 allele of (thrombospondin-related adhesion protein) preerythrocytic antigen (TRAP)

Blood stage
MSP1-C142Combination of the alleles FVO and 3D7 of the 42Kda fragment of the merozoite surface protein 1 (MSP-1)
Recombinant 25–545 sequence of the merozoite apical membrane antigen 1 (AMA-1) from FVO strain
AMA1-C1Combination of equal mixtures of the recombinant AMA-1 from FVO and 3D7 strains
EBA175 RIIRegion II domain of the erythrocyte-binding antigen 175 parasite protein
C-terminal conserved region from MSP- 3 from FC27 strain
C-terminal conserved region from MSP-3 from 3D7 strain
SE36Recombinant molecule of serine repeat antigen 5 (SERA5)
PvDBPP. vivax Duffy binding protein, which binds the Duffy blood group antigen as the obligate receptor for erythrocyte invasion
Combination BCombination of recombinant proteins from MSP1, MSP2, and RESA (ring-infected erythrocyte surface antigen)
PfCP2.9Recombinant protein consisted of domain III of AMA1 and MSP119 from 3D7 and FVO strains, respectively
MSP2-C1Combination of recombinant allelic MSP-2 from 3D7 and FC27
JAIVAC-1Combination of proteins MSP119 and EBA175
SC2642Hybrid antigen containing the C-terminal fragment of P. falciparum precursor to the major surface antigens (PMMSA) and the tetrapeptide repeats of CSP
FMP1Recombinant MSP142 from 3D7 strain
FMP2.1Recombinant AMA-1 from 3D7 strain
BSAM-2A mixture in equal amounts of four proteins corresponding to the 3D7 and FVO alleles of MSP-1 and AMA-1
PEV301Virosome containing AMA49-C1 peptide derived from loop I of domain III of AMA-1

Sexual stagePf25Protein expressed on the surface of ookinetes of P. falciparum
Pv25Protein expressed on the surface of ookinetes of P. vivax

MultistageSPf66Three blood-stage sequences and repetitive sequences of preerythrocytic CSP
85–231 sequence of glutamate rich protein (GLURP) expressed both in preerythrocytic and blood stage
GMZ2Recombinant protein of MSP3 and GLURP
PEV3ACombination by coadministration of PEV301 and PEV302
PolyproteinLong polyprotein consisted of 6 antigens; LSA-3, sporozoite threonine and asparagine-rich protein (STARP), liver stage exported protein 1 (Exp-1), preerythrocytic/sexual stage Pfs16, TRAP, and LSA-1
NMRC-M3V-Ad-PfCCombination of two human adenoviruses Ad5 encoding CSP and AMA-1, respectively