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Organic Anion Transporter 5 Renal Expression and Urinary Excretion in Rats with Vascular Calcification

Figure 4

Total protein levels (a), alkaline phosphatase (AP) activity (b), and Oat5 abundance (c) in urine from control ( ) and treated (vitamin D3 300,000 IU/kg, b.w., i.m., ) animals. Total urine protein levels and AP urinary activity were determined using commercial kits and related to urinary creatinine concentrations to correct them for variations in urine production. Oat5 abundance was determined by Western blotting using a noncommercial antibody as described in Section 2. Densitometric quantification of Oat5 immunoblotting from urine is expressed as arbitrary units also related to urinary creatinine concentrations, and the mean of the control levels was set as 100%. Results are expressed as mean values ± SEM. * .