Figure 3: Representative optical microscopic images (a, ) of hABMSCs exposed for 4 days in static condition (a1–c1) or ELF-PEMFs (intensity, 6 Gauss) induction at 10 Hz/day (a2–c2), 50 Hz/day (a3–c3), and 100 Hz/day. Cell metabolic viabilities as optical density (O.D.) of hABMSCs measured using WST-1 (b). DNA concentration (c) as a percent of initial of hABMSCs measured using CyQUANT cell proliferation assay kit ( ). In vitro cell migration indicating that ELF-PEMFs (intensity, 6 Gauss) group exposed at 10, 50, and 100 Hz in 6 G. Fifty and 100 Hz were statistically significant differences ( ) among groups (d) ( ). Overhead brackets with asterisks indicate statistically significant differences between groups.