Table 1: Nucleotide variability of miR156a binding sites in mRNA of SPL paralogous genes and amino acid variability of SPL paralogous proteins in regions with the ALSLLS oligopeptide in A. thaliana.

GeneRegion of mRNARegion of protein

AT1G27360 307145.fig.001a307145.fig.001b
AT1G27370 307145.fig.001c307145.fig.001d
AT1G69170 307145.fig.001e307145.fig.001f
AT2G42200 307145.fig.001g307145.fig.001h
AT3G57920 307145.fig.001i307145.fig.001j
AT5G43270 307145.fig.001k307145.fig.001l
AT5G50570 307145.fig.001m307145.fig.001n

The conservative sequence is set in box.