Figure 1: (a) Follicular cells cultured in 3D conditions together with type I collagen after 3 weeks (a) presented positive staining for FSHR (b) and positive staining for type IV collagen. (c) Clonogenic proliferation of follicular cells collected from mature ovarian follicles of infertile women treated with assisted reproduction and sorted with FACS based on the presence of the follicle-stimulating hormone receptor (FSHR). Clonogenic proliferation of a single follicular cell cultured for 12 days in a single well in the medium supplemented with leukemia-inhibiting factor (LIF). (d) Follicular cells cultured for 3 weeks in 3D conditions together with type I collagen were transplanted into the ovaries of immunodeficient mice. Immunostaining for HLA-ABC detected human cells after transplantation into immunodeficient mice observed in mice oviduct (data from previously published experiments in [39, 60]).