Table 3: Antigen panels with discrepant results among three MAST assays.

RIDAMAST OptigenPolycheckAntigen panel*

Inhalant panel


Rye cultbatd, Cockroach mix, Birch-alder mix, Orchard grass, Timothy grass, Goldenrod, Dandelion, Mugwort
+Sycamore mix (4), Goldenrod
++House dust (4), D. farinae
Peach (5), Pigweed (4), Mugwort (3), Dandelion, Cockroach Mix, Milk, Crab, Birch-alder mix,
+NTOx-eye-daisy (4)

Food panel

++Beef (3), Milk
+Alternaria, Pork
++Peanut, Soy beans, Birch-alder mix, Yeast bakers, Cat
+House dust (4)

RIDA: RIDA Allergy Screen, Polycheck: Polycheck Allergy. NT: not tested. *Antigen panels with ≥2 discrepant samples were shown. Number of samples was shown in parenthesis when it was ≥3.