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Characterization of Bioactive Compounds in Tunisian Bitter Orange (Citrus aurantium L.) Peel and Juice and Determination of Their Antioxidant Activities

Table 1

Essential oil composition of Citrus aurantium peel and juiceA.

Volatile compoundsRIaRIbPeelJuiceIdentification

α-thujene92810351.03 ± 0.04aIR. SM. Co-CG
Tricyclen93010150.68 ± 0.18aIR. Co-CG. SM
α-Pinene93910320.55 ± 0.06a0.55 ± 0.01aIR. Co-CG. SM
β-Pinene98011180.44 ± 0.04aIR. SM. Co-CG
Sabinene97511320.48 ± 0.16aCG-SM
Myrcene99111740.04 ± 0.00b0.68 ± 0.16aIR. SM. Co-CG
α-Phellandrene100611761.84 ± 0.04aCG-SM
α-Terpinene101811881.10 ± 0.27aIR. CG-SM
Limonene1030120390.25 ± 0.81 a91.61 ± 0.97 aIR. SM. Co-CG
1-8 Cineole103312130.87 ± 0.06a0.31 ± 0.04bIR. SM. Co-CG
E-β-Ocimene105012660.36 ± 0.00aIR. CG-SM
Terpinolene108812900.28 ± 0.01aIR. SM. Co-CG
Cis-linalool oxide107414780.23 ± 0.03a0.49 ± 0.23aCG-SM
Trans-linalool oxide108814500.13 ± 0.01b0.21 ± 0.01aCG-SM
Linalool109815531.56 ± 0.08aIR. SM. Co-CG
Linalyl acetate125715560.29 ± 0.02aIR. SM. Co-CG
Bornyl acetate127015900.14 ± 0.05aCG-SM
Terpinene-4-ol141916120.06 ± 0.01aCG-SM
β-Caryophyllene117816110.05 ± 0.01aCG-SM
γ-Elemene149216230.05 ± 0.00aCG-SM
Neral124016940.13 ± 0.00aCG-SM
β-Farnesene145616960.15 ± 0.15aCG-SM
α-Terpineol118917090.56 ± 0.03a0.38 ± 0.08bIR. SM. Co-CG
Neryl acetate138517330.23 ± 0.03b0.36 ± 0.06aIR. SM. Co-CG
Δ-Cadinene152317550.28 ± 0.02aCG-SM
Geranyl acetate138317650.11 ± 0.00aIR. SM. Co-CG
Nerol122817970.08 ± 0.00aCG-SM
Geraniol125518570.16 ± 0.01aIR. SM. Co-CG
E-Nerolidol156620300.35 ± 0.04aCG-SM
Oxyde de caryophyllène158120081.42 ± 0.51aIR. CG-SM
E.Z farnesyl acetate181821980.57 ± 0.02aCG-SM
NI0.52 ± 0.030.44 ± 0.05

AValues are given as mean ± SD ( ). Values followed by the same letter did not share significant differences at (Duncan’s test). —: not detected.
bComponents are listed in order of elution in apolar column (HP-5).
cRIa, RIb: retention indices calculated using, respectively, an apolar column (HP-5) and polar column (HP INNOWax). Volatile compound proportions were calculated from the chromatograms obtained on the HP INNOWax column.

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