Table 2: Identification of the 55 bacterial strains isolated from the drinking water samples collected from different government hospitals, Mahabubnagar, based on BLAST analysis of the 16S rRNA gene sequences.

Sl no.Strain no.Nearest phylogenetic neighbor16S rRNA gene sequence similarity %

Gram-negative bacterial strains

1D24Methylobacterium chloromethanicum CM4T CP00129899.6
2AL1Methylobacterium zatmanii DSM 5688T AB17564799.7
3AP1Cupriavidus pauculus LMG 3413T AF085226100.0
4AL3Delftia lacustris DSM 21246T EU888308100.0
5JD2Acinetobacter calcoaceticus DSM 30006T X8166198.5
6KL1Acinetobacter calcoaceticus DSM 30006T X8166198.5
7KL5Acinetobacter calcoaceticus DSM 30006T X8166198.5
8MB1Acinetobacter calcoaceticus DSM 30006T X8166198.4
9MK4Acinetobacter calcoaceticus DSM 30006T X8166198.5
10NR4Acinetobacter calcoaceticus DSM 30006T X8166198.4
11GD5Acinetobacter johnsonii DSM 6963T X8166399.9
12NG1Acinetobacter johnsonii DSM 6963T X8166399.5
13AP2Acinetobacter junii LMG 998T AM410704100.0
14AP4Acinetobacter junii LMG 998T AM410704100.0
15GD2Acinetobacter junii LMG 998T AM410704100.0
16JD4Acinetobacter junii LMG 998T AM410704100.0
17KL3Acinetobacter junii LMG 998T AM410704100.0
18KL4Acinetobacter junii LMG 998T AM410704100.0
19MB3Acinetobacter junii LMG 998T AM410704100.0
20R1Acinetobacter junii LMG 998T AM41070499.9
21WN1Acinetobacter junii LMG 998T AM41070499.9
22WN3Acinetobacter junii LMG 998T AM410704100.0
23WN4Acinetobacter junii LMG 998T AM410704100.0
24WN5Acinetobacter junii LMG 998T AM41070499.9
25MB4Acinetobacter ursingii LUH 3792T AJ27503899.6
26JD1Aeromonas aquariorum MDC47T EU085557100.0
27R31Aeromonas aquariorum MDC47T EU085557100.0
28R30Aeromonas aquariorum MDC47T EU08555799.9
29GD4Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila ATCC 7966T CP000462100.0
30JD3Aeromonas ichthiosmia DSM 6393T X7112099.8
31MK2Aeromonas ichthiosmia DSM 6393T X7112099.8
32R26Aeromonas punctata subsp. punctata NCIMB 13016T X6040899.2
33NG2Citrobacter freundii DSM 30039T AJ23340898.3
34R21Pantoea anthophila LMG 2558T EF68801099.8
35R22Pantoea anthophila LMG 2558T EF68801099.9
36NR2Pseudomonas aeruginosa LMG 1242T Z7665199.9
37R6Pseudomonas alcaligenes LMG 1224T Z76653100.0
38R7Pseudomonas alcaligenes LMG 1224T Z7665399.8
39R23Pseudomonas alcaligenes LMG 1224T Z7665399.8
40D22Pseudomonas otitidis MCC10330T AY95314799.8
41GD6Pseudomonas otitidis MCC10330T AY95314799.8
42MB2Pseudomonas otitidis MCC10330T AY95314799.6
43MK3Pseudomonas otitidis MCC10330T AY95314799.7

Gram-positive bacterial strains

44R8Kocuria rhizophila DSM 11926T Y16264100.0
45D12Bacillus anthracis ATCC 14578T AB190217100.0
46KL2Bacillus aryabhattai B8W22T EF11431398.7
47NR3Bacillus aryabhattai B8W22T EF11431399.7
48R5Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579T AE016877100.0
49JU1Bacillus infantis SMC 4352-1T AY90403299.5
50JU3Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 14580T CP00000299.9
51JU4Bacillus niabensis 4T19T AY99811998.9
52AL4Bacillus stratosphericus 41KF2aT AJ83184199.9
53R2Bacillus stratosphericus 41KF2aT AJ831841100.0
54D25Exiguobacterium indicum HHS31 T AJ84629199.9
55JU2Lysinibacillus fusiformis NBRC 15717T AB27174399.8

The accession numbers of the 55 strains are GU566304 and GU566358.