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Improvements in the Quantitative Assessment of Cerebral Blood Volume and Flow with the Removal of Vessel Voxels from MR Perfusion Images

Table 2

Patients’ demographic information.

No. DoseCollateral circulationSexAgeStenosis

1HPM80LIC (90%)
2HPM41LIC (90%)
3HPF70RIC occlusion
4HPM86LIC (80%)
5HPM76RIC (80%)
6HPM71LIC stenosis
7HGM79RIC (60%)
8HGM67RIC (65%)
9HGM52RIC occlusion
10HGM85LIC (75%)
11HGM59RIC (40%)
12HGM78LIC (60%)
19FPM58LIC (95%)
20FPM75RIC (95%)
21FPM75LIC (90%)
22FPM82RIC (90%), M1 (95%)
23FPM69RIC (90%), M1 (70%)
24FPF66LIC (90%), M1 (95%)
25FGM78RCC (70%)
26FGM76RIC (75%)
27FGM78RIC (75%)
28FGM79RIC (70%)
29FGM70LIC (90%)
30FGM75RIC (75%)

The abbreviations used are H: half dose, F: full dose, P: poor collateral circulation, G: good collateral circulation, N: no carotid or M1 stenosis, M: male, F: female, RIC: right internal carotid, RCC: right common carotid artery, LIC: left internal carotid, and M1: horizontal segment of the middle cerebral artery. Normal: the bilateral carotid system including M1 is normal.