Table 1: Patient anthropometric endurance and strength related characteristics.

MV ± SDMinMax

Age (years) 25.230.8
Body height (cm) 173.0194.0
Body weight (kg) 64.392.1
BMI 20.927.2
Rel. VO2peak (mL/kg BW) 45.562.4
IAT (% ) 71.485.6
plantar flexion (N) 229.2287.5
500°/s (N) 50.672.1

MV: mean value. SD: standard deviation. MIN: minimum. MAX: maximum. BMI: body mass index. rel. VO2peak: maximal O2 uptake relative to body weight (BW). IAT: individual anaerobic threshold. : maximal isometric power during plantar flexion. : maximal isokinetic power during plantar flexion at 500°/s.