Figure 4: The anaerobic batch fermentation of BSW3AP (a) and BSW3AG (b) on 20 g L−1 arabinose. Levels of (■), arabinose (◆), ethanol (▲), Glycerol ( ), and acetate (×). The fermentation was performed in 1.4 L fermentors with a working volume of 900 mL. Anaerobic conditions were maintained by sparging nitrogen (0.1 L min−1); the agitation rate was 500 r min−1. The pH was maintained at 5.0 by automatically pumping in 1 mol L−1 NaOH and 1 mol L−1 H3PO4. The initial biomass was 0. 2 g DCW L−1. The 20 g L−1 L-arabinose was used as the carbon source in SC plus CSM-LEU-URA medium, and 200  g mL−1 G418 was supplied in the fermentation of strain BSW3AG. The data are the average of duplicate determinations.