Table 1: Weight and morphological characteristics of rat livers from the four experimental groups used in the present study. Means and observations were derived from 5 animals in each group. Histological damage was scored into four damage levels: absent (0), mild (+), moderate (++), and severe (+++). The software Image-Pro Plus 4.5 was used to estimate the percentage of liver degeneration. For additional experimental details and a more complete description of the experimental groups see Section 2.

GroupsLiver weightsMorphological aspectsLiver damage scoresEstimates of liver degeneration

I, control9.02 ± 0.69Uniformly red and soft consistency 5000
II, A. blazei pretreatment9.16 ± 1.17Uniformly red and soft consistency 5000
III, paracetamol injury11.50 ± 0.86Larger, whitish, and with nodules013111.78%
IV, A. blazei pretreatment + paracetamol injury10.40 ± 1.61Larger, whitish, and with nodules10319.89%