Figure 4: ILK knockdown epidermal cells, cell migration and invasion. (a) Epidermal cells treated with HGF (50 ng/mL) and ILK knockdown were grown to confluence and a wound was created. Photographs of wounds were captured at 0 or 36 h after wounding to determine the degree of wound closure. A representative experiment is shown. (b) Graphs represent the percentage of  h wound area at different times after wounding HGF group versus normal and HGF + siILK groups at matched time point). (c) ILK knockdown epidermal cells were seeded onto migration chambers in triplicate and were allowed to migrate for 2 hours. Cells that migrated through the membrane were fixed and visualized by crystal violet staining. (d) Graphs represent the amount of cells in normal, HGF, and HGF + siILK groups. After ILK knockdown, the migration and invasion ability of epidermal cells were obviously declined was regarded as statistically significant between HGF group versus normal and HGF + siILK groups).