Figure 5: Characterization of MUC5AC from conditioned media in the presence or absence of UTP. Mucins present in the 21-day conditioned culture mediums were concentrated via centrifugation in CsCl 1.5 g/mL for 16 h and 20 min. Fractions 17–25 are shown from the conditioned medium under conditions control ( conditioned medium) (circle fill), and UTP ( , conditioned medium in the presence of 100 μM UTP for 22 h) (circle empty). (a) Immune slot blot for MUC5AC. (c) Immune slot blot for sialic acid using a biotinylated lectin. (e) Slot blot for PAS reaction. (b), (c) and (d) The normalized pixels, in all cases, correspond to the intensity of pixels under the curve, horizontally quantified, divided by the average value of intensity for each condition.