Table 1: Association between characteristics and willingness to participate (WTP) in HIV vaccine trials.

WTP (%)

Non-WTP (%)

Median age (IQR)26 (23–35)28 (24–43)0.002
Han ethnicity 86.391.10.123
Married or cohabited with female sex partners31.337.70.148
Finished college or higher levels of education 33.834.30.624
Median monthly income (IQR, RMB)1500 (1000–2000)1200 (1000–2000)0.771
Found male sex partners using the Internet49.446.60.068
Had sex with a man in the last 3 months95.699.30.034
Had more than 2 male sex partners in the last 3 months38.837.00.701
Never used condoms with regular male sex partners16.94.90.012
Used condoms occasionally with occasional male sex partners21.615.90.028
Had sex with a female in the last 3 months16.521.90.130
Self-perceived high risk of HIV infection13.16.80.077
Heard of HIV vaccine before the survey64.250.00.002
Thought being a participant in an HIV vaccine trial is a contribution to society89.467.1<0.001
Thought HIV vaccination is a means of protection for spouses and family93.568.5<0.001
Believed that their family would support their HIV vaccine trial participation75.616.4<0.001
Believed their regular male partners would support their HIV vaccine trial participation74.415.8<0.001
Fear family member would discriminate them due to participation in a vaccine trial22.339.0<0.001
Fear of sexual rejection due to participation in a vaccine trial14.223.30.009
Believed a vaccine could protect people from becoming infected with HIV71.947.9<0.001
Believed a vaccine may cause health problems4.611.60.002
If known that the inoculation place is secret90.069.9<0.001
If known that the inoculation place is general hospital 65.844.5<0.001
Desire for economic incentives71.014.1<0.001