Table 1: Chemical composition of C. unicolor c-EPL and ex-LMS: yield of total carbohydrate, reducing sugars, concentration of phenolic compounds, proteins contents, and total polysaccharides.

SamplesProtein (μg/mL)Total carbohydrate (μg/mL)Total phenolic (μM)Reducing sugars (μg/mL)Total polysaccharides (μg/mL)

ex-LMS188.97 ± 1.3a780.07 ± 2.7a15.0 ± 0.4a507.14 ± 2.8a272.93 ± 2.7a
c-EPL270.0 ± 2.6b877.3 ± 2.1b77.0 ± 1.3b144.8 ± 1.5b732.5 ± 2.5b

All results are expressed as mean ± SD from three experiments ( ). Values with different letters within the columns are significantly different (P ≤ 0.05).