Table 2: True positive, Fp, Fn, Tn, Se, Sp, time, and QUADAS of included studies for the diagnosis of NS.

Study and year TpFpFnTnSeSpTimeQUADAS

Enguix et al. 2001 [31]1921240.950.92Onset 9
Arnon et al. 2007 [21]2241770.960.95Onset 7
2221790.960.9824 h after the onset
Çetinkaya et al. 2009 [29]94029400.761Onset 6
80041420.66148 h after the onset
Yildiz et al. 2008 [23]27209160.750.44Onset5
31245120.860.3396 h after the onset
Arnon et al. 2005 [22]4052680.950.93Onset 8
371206710.858 h after the onset
Arnon et al. 2002 [44]42404810.92Onset 6
Edgar et al. 2010 [24]6320390.230.93Onset 8
Mostafa et al. 2011 [45]8022160.980.89Onset6
Mohsen et al. 2012 [30]2624280.870.93Onset6

Tp: true positive; Fp: false positive; Fn: false negative; Tn: true negative; Se: sensitivity; and Sp: specificity.