Figure 1: Morphological and phenotypic characteristics of rAT-MSCs. During the onset of culture (a1: P0-5th day), the isolated cells from rat adipose tissue formed single-cell-derived colonies (arrows). After the next days and passages, most of these SCs exhibited large, flattened or fibroblast-like morphology (a2: P0-7th day, a3: P1-2th day, and a4: P3-1th day). (b) A representative flow cytometry analysis of cell-surface markers of rAT-MSCs at P3; cells were labeled with antibodies against hematopoietic (CD45) and MSC markers (CD29, CD54 and CD90) and with vascular cell adhesion protein 1 (CD106). (green line: histogram of isotype control immunoglobulin).