Table 1: Summary of purification procedure of L. edodes phytase (from 2000 g fresh fruiting bodies).

Purification stepYield (mg)Total activity (U)aSpecific activity (U/mg)bRecovery rate (%)Purification foldc

Water extract4515.0406.40.091001
DEAE cellulose498.2303.90.6174.86.8
CM cellulose252.3219.50.8754.09.7
Blue gel137.8154.31.1238.012.4
Superdex 7527.184.33.1120.734.6

aTotal activity: phytase activity (U/mL) in each step × volume (mL);
bSpecific activity: total activity/yield;
cPurification fold: specific activity of each step/specific activity of the first step.