Table 1: Properties of raw two-phase olive mill waste (TPOMW), of TPOMW (plus olives leaves) prior to composting, and of TPOMW after composting.

Raw TPOMWTPOMW prior to compostingTPOMW after composting

EC1 (mS cm−1)
Total C (%)53.6451.0742.47
Total N (%)1.311.45 1.96
C : N40.9535.2221.67
TOM2 (%)96.2194.3187.88
Ash (%)3.474.124.76
P (g kg−1)
K (g kg−1)15.416.321.34
Lignin (g kg−1) 351343318
Hemicellulose (g kg−1)380341226
Cellulose (g kg−1)211208167
GI3 (%)202488

1EC: electrical conductivity.
2TOM: total organic matter.
3GI: germination index.