Table 2: Rough data of the Beighton score, TSK-I, MFI-20, FSS, NRS (pain), and FS-36.

VariableMean ± SD (range)

Beighton score (0–9)
TSK-I (13–52)
TSK-AA (6–24)
TSK-H (7–28)
MFI-20, GF (4–20)
MFI-20, PF (4–20)
MFI-20, RA (4–20)
MFI-20, RM (4–20)
MFI-20, MF (4–20)
FSS (0–7)
NRS (pain) (4–10)
SF-36, PF (0–100)
SF-36, RP (0–100)
SF-36, BP (0–100)
SF-36, GH (0–100)
SF-36, VT (0–100)
SF-36, SF (0–100)
SF-36, RE (0–100)
SF-36, MH (0–100)

BP: bodily pain; FSS: Fatigue Severity Scale; GF: general fatigue; GH: general health; MF: mental fatigue; MFI: Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory; MH: mental health; NRS: Numeric Rating Scale; PF (SF-36): physical functioning; PF (MFI-20): physical fatigue; RA: reduced activity; RE: role-emotional; RM: reduced motivation; RP: role-physical; SF: social functioning; SF-36: short form 36; TSK-AA: Tampa Scale activity avoidance; TSK-H: Tampa Scale harm; TSK-I: Tampa Scale total score; VT: vitality.