Table 1: Descriptive statistics for demographic data, along with subfoveal choroidal thickness and LogMAR measurements in patients undergoing retinal detachment surgery based on scleral buckling with encircling band ( ).

MMeSD**SE††95% CI‡‡CV***Min.–max. -value

Patients’ age years 59.6962.0014.672.1255.43–63.9524.57%24–89
Observation duration time months 22.06246.750.9720.10–24.0230.59%7–31

LogMAR* preoperative measurement in the operated eye1.76971.61091.02700.14821.4715–2.067958.03%0.3010–4<0.001
LogMAR measurement in the operated eye during the final examination0.54390.39790.31820.04590.4515–0.636358.51%0.1549–1.3010

Subfoveal choroidal thickness in the operated eye during the final examination260.9026145.886.62247.57–274.2217.58%155–383<0.001
Subfoveal choroidal thickness in the fellow eye during the final examination217.5622436.715.30206.90–228.2216.87%98–326

LogMAR: Logarithm of the Minimum Angle of Resolution.
M: mean value.
Me: median value.
SD: standard deviation.
SE: standard error.
CI: confidence interval.
CV: coefficient of variation.