Figure 4: Inflammatory stress responses. Immunofluoresence staining of pancreatic sections for inflammatory markers shown by colocalization (yellow) with macrophage marker CD11b (green) and proinflammatory cytokine for TNFα (red) shows more CD11b/TNFα colocalization with Mutant pancreas (a) compared to Lean and Control and comparable with (b) 24 months older in age Control; (c) represents its isotype control. (d and e) represent RFU for CD11b and TNFα, respectively, amongst phenotypes. Mutant pancreas also showed an increase in (f) IL-6, compared to its Lean and Control, and was similar to (g) 24-month Control; (h) represents isotype control and (i) RFU for IL-6 amongst phenotypes. An asterisk (*) represents significance ( by ANOVA) compared to Control and ($) indicates significance ( by ANOVA) compared to the same phenotype at 1 month.