Research Article

Modulation of Pineal Melatonin Synthesis by Glutamate Involves Paracrine Interactions between Pinealocytes and Astrocytes through NF- B Activation

Figure 1

Cell cultures immunocytochemistry. Digital images of isolated cultures of astrocytes (a) and pinealocytes (b) showing specific cell type staining using a mouse monoclonal antibody against the glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) and a wheat germ agglutinin-rhodamine label (WGA) to identify pinealocytes. The pictures at the bottom illustrate the distribution of glial cells (c) and pinealocytes (d) in a mixed coculture. The insets show photomicrographies of the cell cultures in contrast phase microscopy: astrocytes (a), pinealocytes (b) and co-culture (c and d). In isolated pinealocytes and in co-culture, many cells are clustered. Magnification: 200x (astrocytes and pinealocytes) and 100x (co-culture).