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Research Article

Maternal Deaths in NSW (2000–2006) from Nonmedical Causes (Suicide and Trauma) in the First Year following Birth

Table 1

Demographics and birth outcomes.


Age (years)30.1 (5.57)30.4 (6.55)0.63
Gestation at birth (weeks)39.1 (2.06)37.0 (4.00)<0.001
Preexisting diabetes or hypertension1.5%2.3%0.45
Pregnancy related diabetes or hypertension9.7%18.5%0.002
Smoking during pregnancy15.3%42.6%<0.001
Normal vaginal delivery63.5%55.0%0.01
Birthweight (grams)3402.6 (576.91)2836.5 (900.90)<0.001
Admitted to NICU2.2%15.1%<0.001
Perinatal mortality rate9/1000 births101/1000 births<0.001