Research Article

Comparison of Prostate-Specific Promoters and the Use of PSP-Driven Virotherapy for Prostate Cancer

Figure 2

Adenoviral DNA sequence PCR Southern hybridization. DNA extracted from prostates and various organs at necropsy were subjected to PCR using primers specific to Ad5 genome. The expected PCR product of adenoviral sequences was a 860 bp band (shown by arrows). The PCR gel was transferred to a Nylon membrane by the Southern blot and the blot was hybridized with labeled probe which was the purified 860 bp PCR product from control adenoviral plasmid. Shown are the PCR Southern blots of dogs injected intraprostatically by AdRSVlacZ (a), AdPSAlacZ (b), AdMMTVlacZ (c), and AdPBlacZ (d).