Figure 2: Effects of PRF when compared to PPP and medium alone on proliferation and migration of periodontal progenitor populations. Figures 2(a)2(c) illustrate the results of MTT proliferation assays when dental follicle progenitors (DF, (a)), periodontal ligament progenitors (PDL, (b)), and alveolar bone osteoblast progenitors (AB, (c)) were cultured on PRF-related substrates. The three different substrates used in this proliferation study, PRF, PPP, and DMEM media, are distinguished by line patterns (Figure 2(a)). (d) Difference in chemotaxis behavior between periodontal progenitors when cultured in PRF-conditioned media, PPP, and DMEM medium. Level of significance was calculated in comparison to the DMEM-treated cells within each group. and .