Table 6: Histology scores for control goat (4818) and treated goat (4820) assessed for callus formation, osteotomy site, adjacent cortical bone, presence of sequestra, and bacterial persistence. Averages of the added scores from each cortex are given. Highest potential score is 65.

Histology criteria Cortex 1 (4818) Cortex 2 (4818) Cortex 1 (4820) Cortex 2 (4820)

Periosteal callus formation
 Subjective size and quality1110
 Woven-lamellar bone0000
 Cartilage (hyaline and fibrocartilage)1030
 Fibrovascular tissue2030
Osteotomy site
 Bridging bony callus0000
 Woven-lamellar bone0000
 Mineralized bone0000
 Fibrovascular tissue0000
Adjacent cortical bone
 Osteon/osteocyte necrosis0041
Bacterial persistence0002