Figure 3: Phylogeny of DENV-1 in the USA and Puerto Rico. A consensus phylogenetic tree (50% majority rule) was obtained by Bayesian phylogenetic analysis (Mr. Bayes, v. 3.2.) based on the envelope protein gene. Analysis included sequences of strains from Hawaii (2001-2002) , Florida (2009-2010) , and Puerto Rico (1986–2010) available in the GenBank database and representative sequences from DENV-1 genotypes I, III–V . DENV-2, DENV-3, and DENV-4 were used to root the tree (not shown). Bayesian posterior probability values (>80) are shown for the principal nodes. Taxa are highlighted according to its geographical origin: Hawaii (green), Florida (pink), and Puerto Rico (light blue). A red dot identifies sequences obtained from blood donors.