Table 1: Dengue activity in the continental USA between 1780 and 2013.

Year(s)Activity reportedReferences

1780Dengue suspected in Philadelphia, PA[19]
1826USA ports report 1st dengue outbreak [20]
1827-1828Epidemic in Southern USA[20]
1845Dengue reported in St. Louis, MO[20]
1850-18511st report of dengue epidemic inland (including GA and MS), epidemic in Southern USA, New Orleans, LA, and along South Coast[20]
1870–1872Epidemic in Southern USA[20]
1873Dengue reported in LA, AL, and MS; 40,000 cases reported in New Orleans[20]
1879-1880Epidemic in Southern USA[20]
1885-1886Dengue in gulf ports of TX, dengue in Austin, 16,000 estimated cases of 22,000 inhabitants[20]
1897–1903Epidemic in Southern USA, TX most heavily affected[20]
1904Dengue reported in FL and TX[20]
1916Fatal case of possible DHF reported in TX[20]
1922Dengue epidemic, 500,000 to 600,000 cases in TX, 30,000 in Galveston, and 7,561 in LA[20]
19231,376 dengue infections reported in LA[20]
19241 dengue case in LA[20]
1941–1944Texas and gulf states involved in epidemic[20]
1945Last continental epidemic of dengue reported in LA[20]
19801st indigenous dengue cases in USA since 1945 (Brownsville, TX), DENV-1 isolated[21]
1981DENV-4 cases reported, 1st isolation of DENV-4 in the USA[20]
19821st reports of DENV-2 in the USA[20]
19831st reports of DENV-3 in the USA[20]
1986DENV-1 reported in TX[22]
1987Autochthonous dengue reported in TX[20]
1990DENV-1, -2, and -3 isolated in the USA, reports of 102 dengue cases[20]
1991DENV-1 and DENV-3 isolated in the USA, 25 dengue cases reported[20]
199491 cases of dengue, DENV-2 and -3 isolated in the USA[20]
2005First case of autochthonous DHF case reported in TX[23]
2009–2011Autochthonous dengue transmission in FL, DENV-1 isolated. DENV-1 isolated from a blood donor from Key West, FL in 2010[2426]
20124 DENV cases reported in FL, 2 of them in Miami-Dade[26]
2013*No indigenous dengue cases reported [25]

Adapted from [20].
AL: Alabama, FL: Florida, GA: Georgia, LA: Louisiana, MO: Missouri, MS: Mississippi, PA: Pennsylvania, and TX: Texas.
As of May 10, 2013.