Table 2: Imported and autochthonous cases of dengue reported in the state of Florida, USA, 2009–2013 (as of April 27, 2013).

YearNumber of imported casesCountries visited* (number of cases)Number of autochthonous casesFlorida counties
(number of cases)

200936BO (2), BR, CO (2), DO (3), GT (2), HT(10), HN (2), IN (3), MY, MX, NI, PA (3), PH, PR (3), SR27Monroe (27)
2010133BD, BR, KY, CO (8), CR (4), CU, DO (13), EC, SV, GH, GD (4), GT (2), HT (6), HN (6), JM (5), MQ (2), MV, MX, NI (13), PK, PH, PR (36), TH, TT, VE (16), VI (3), MY/AE/BD**, PA/VE**65Broward (1), Miami-Dade (1), and Monroe (63)
201161AW, BS (14), BD (3), BR (3), CO, CR, CU (5), DO, GD, GY, HT (2), IN, JM (2), NI (2), PK, PA (2), PR (11), LC (2), TT (4), TC, VE, VN7Hillsborough (1), Martin (1), Miami-Dade (3), and Palm Beach (2)
2012135BR, CO, CU (29), DO (17), EC (4),
SV (2), GH, GY (2), HT (17), HN, IN, JM (23), MX (2), NI (2), PA, PH (4), PT, PR (16), ZA, LK, VC, SR, TT (4), TC, VI
4Miami-Dade (2), Seminole (1), and Osceola (1)
201327AO, BB, BR, CO (2), DO (3), GT, HT, ID, JM (3), NG, PH, PR (8), MF0


AE: United Arab Emirates, AO: Angola, AW: Aruba, BB: Barbados, BD: Bangladesh, BO: Bolivia, BR: Brazil, BS: Bahamas, CO: Colombia, CR: Costa Rica, CU: Cuba, DO: Dominican Republic, EC: Ecuador, GD: Grenada, GH: Ghana, GT: Guatemala, GY: Guyana, HT: Haiti, HN: Honduras, ID: Indonesia, IN: India, JM: Jamaica, KY: Cayman Islands, LC: Saint Lucia, LK: Sri Lanka, MF: Saint Martin, MQ: Martinique, MY: Malaysia, MX: Mexico, MV: Maldives, NG: Nigeria, NI: Nicaragua, PA: Panama, PH: The Philippines, PK: Pakistan, PR: Puerto Rico, PT: Portugal, SR: Suriname, SV: El Salvador, TC: Turks and Caicos Islands, TH: Thailand, TT: Trinidad and Tobago, VC: St. Vincent and the Grenadines, VE: Venezuela, VI: US Virgin Islands, VN: Vietnam, and ZA: South Africa.
Travel to more than one country.
Source: Florida State Department of Health [25, 26].