Table 4: Dengue activity in Puerto Rico and the USA Virgin Islands, 1915–2013.

Year(s)Activity reportedReferences

1915Dengue epidemic reported in PR [20]
19241st recorded epidemic of dengue in the Caribbean-Gulf-Atlantic region begun in the VI[20]
1941–1946Dengue epidemic reported in PR[20]
1963Epidemic of 27,000 cases (DENV-3) in PR[55, 56]
1968-1969DENV-2 (only) epidemic, 1st report of DENV-2 in PR, 16,665 cases[57]
1970–1974Sporadic DENV-2 cases reported in PR [20, 57]
1975DHF suspected among 3 serologically confirmed dengue cases, shock seen in 1 patient in PR - DHF described for the 1st time in the Western Hemisphere[20, 57]
1977-1978DENV-1 outbreak in PR, 12,700 cases, 1st report of DENV-1 in PR, after DENV-2 and DENV-3 reports from earlier during that year[58, 59]
1978DENV-1 outbreaks in VI[20]
1981–1983DENV-1 and DENV-4 outbreaks in PR, 1st reports of DENV-4 in both PR and the Americas[60, 61]
19852 DHF cases associated with DENV-4 in PR[20, 62]
1986Dengue epidemic in PR associated with DENV-4, 10,659 cases, 31 DHF cases, 3 deaths[62]
198717 DHF cases in PR, 1 death[20]
19888 DHF cases in PR [20]
1989DENV-1, -2, and -4 cases reported in PR, including 12 DHF cases, 5 deaths[20]
Dengue cases reported in the VI[20]
19906 DHF cases in PR, 1 death[20]
Dengue cases reported, DENV-1, -2, and -4 involved in outbreaks, 1st report of DENV-4 in the VI[20]
199114 DHF cases in PR, 1 death[20]
199424,700 cases of dengue reported in PR[63]
1998>17,000 dengue cases reported in PR, 173 DHF cases, 9 deaths, all 4 serotypes isolated[64]
1999All 4 serotypes reported present in PR, 34 DHF cases (6 deaths), 4,993 dengue cases [20]
2000DENV-1, -2 and -3, isolated in PR, 24 DHF cases, 2,433 dengue cases[20]
2005Dengue reported in blood donors from PR, DENV-2 and DENV-3 isolated[4]
Dengue epidemic reported in St. Croix, VI[65]
2007Epidemic caused by DENV-3, -2, -1, and -4 (in order of frequency) in PR, more than 10,000 cases, 227 DHF cases, 40 deaths. Dengue reported in blood donors from PR[66]
2010Largest epidemic in PR history, DENV-1, -4, -2, and -3 isolated (in order of frequency), 26,766 cases reported, 448 DHF cases, 128 deaths. Dengue reported in blood donors from PR, DENV-1, DENV-4, and DENV-2 isolated[67]
2012Dengue epidemic in PR, 12,877 cases reported, DENV-1 and -4 isolated[68]
Dengue epidemic in the VI[69]
2013*Dengue epidemic in PR, >5,000 cases reported, DENV-1 and -4 isolated[70]

Adapted from [20]. PR: Puerto Rico, VI: USA Virgin Islands.
As of May 20, 2013.