Table 1: Clinical data of patients and healthy donors.

VariablePatientsHealthy donors

Gender (female/male)20/1011/9
Age (median, range, yr)45 (26−70)43 (22−63)
Free T3 (normal: 2.8–7.1 pmoL/L)
Free T4 (normal: 12.0–22.0 pmoL/L)
TSH (normal: 0.27–4.2 μIU/mL)
Tg (normal: 1.4–78 ng/mL)
Anti-Tg (normal: <115 IU/mL)
Anti-TPO (normal: <34 IU/mL)

For PTC patients, the blood samples of pretreatment and aftertreatment were collected under different conditions. Patients were inhibited to take levothyroxine sodium tablets or similar euthyrox drugs for at least 3 weeks before the 131I ablation. One month posttreatment, patients do the blood tests with routine suppressive therapy of thyroid hormone.