Table 1: The expression of genes related to pluripotency (OCT4A) and oocytes (c-KIT, DMC1, FIGLA, SCP3, VASA, ZP1, ZP2, and ZP3) in twelve oocyte-like cells (OLC1–12) developed in vitro and analyzed by single-cell RT-PCR. The OLCs were compared to three nonfertilized mature (MII) oocytes (OOCYTE1–3) from the in vitro fertilization programme (positive control) and to 5 samples of human chondrocytes (H1–5; negative control). Eleven OLCs expressed the gene OCT4A, two OLCs the gene ZP3, one OLC the gene SCP3, and one OLC the gene c-KIT. The oocytes expressed all analyzed genes, while chondrocytes did not express any of them.

Sample namePatient ID, age c-KITDMC1 FIGLA OCT4A SCP3 VASA ZP1 ZP2 ZP3

OLC1G.A., 22+
OLC2G.A., 23+
OLC3G.A., 23+
OLC4M.S., 21+
OLC5M.S., 21++
OLC6M.S., 21
OLC7M.S., 21+
OLC8M.S., 21++
OLC9M.S., 21++
OLC10M.S., 21+
OLC11G.A., 28+
OLC12M.S., 25++
OOCYTE1IVF (PC)+++++++++
OOCYTE2IVF (PC)+++++++++
OOCYTE3IVF (PC)+++++++++
H1Cell culture (NC)
H2 Cell culture(NC)
H3Cell culture (NC)
H4Cell culture (NC)
H5Cell culture (NC)