Table 3: The score, score, molecular variations, and prediction reliability calculated from MutPred server. Here the most disease associated mutations are displayed in bold.

SNP IDMutationMUTPred
score scoreMolecular VariationPrediction reliability

rs201293896R146W0.5240.0566Loss of disorderNo reliable Inference
rs149856598G309E0.5630.0869Loss of catalytic residueNo reliable inference
rs139946740G309R0.6110.0971Gain of solvent accessibilityNo reliable inference
rs113146199D343V0.6130.0676Loss of disorderNo reliable inference
rs61752939T262M0.5990.079Loss of helixNo reliable inference
rs61752937R93H0.3540.0986Loss of disorderNo reliable inference
rs16929374R326H0.9380.0202Loss of stabilityConfident hypothesis
VAR_026828R356Q0.8010.0446Loss of catalytic residue at R356Confident hypothesis