Table 2: Influence of Ni+2 (as NiCl2·6H2O) on embryonic developmental of mice.

ParametersGroup I 
Group II 
(46.125 mg Ni/kg b.wt.)
Group III 
(92.25 mg Ni/kg b.wt.)
Group IV 
(184.5 mg Ni/kg b.wt.)

Average number of implant sites/dam (I)
Average number of live fetuses/dam (II)
Resorbed embryos (%)4.169.0923.52
Dead fetuses (%)5.88
Dead macerated fetuses (%)5.88
Postimplantation death (%)4.169.0935.29
Sex ratio (M : F)54.16 : 45.8352.63 : 47.3650.00 : 50.0052.94 : 47.05
Fetal weight (gm) (III)
Placental weight (gm) (IV)

(I) and (II) analyzed by one way Mann Whitney -test.
(III) and (IV) analyzed by one way analysis of variance.
*Almost significant ( ).
**Significant ( ).