Table 1: The 48 pathways related to features in the optimal feature set.

IndexPathway ID and nameThe rank of related features (+/−)a

1hsa05215 prostate cancer2 (−)
2hsa04964 proximal tubule bicarbonate reclamation3 (+), 48 (−)
3hsa00140 steroid hormone biosynthesis5 (−)
4hsa04145 phagosome6 (+)
5hsa05150 staphylococcus aureus infection7 (−)
6hsa04973 carbohydrate digestion and absorption8 (−)
7hsa04340 hedgehog signaling pathway9 (−)
8hsa00052 galactose metabolism10 (+)
9hsa04310 wnt signaling pathway11 (−)
10hsa00531 glycosaminoglycan degradation12 (+)
11hsa04972 pancreatic secretion13 (+)
12hsa04976 bile secretion14 (−)
13hsa03018 rNA degradation15 (−)
14hsa04744 phototransduction16 (−)
15hsa04977 vitamin digestion and absorption17 (−)
16hsa04330 notch signaling pathway18 (−)
17hsa00430 taurine and hypotaurine metabolism19 (−)
18hsa05130 pathogenic Escherichia coli infection20 (−)
19hsa00920 sulfur metabolism21 (+)
20hsa00785 lipoic acid metabolism22 (−)
21hsa05020 prion diseases23 (+), 54 (−)
22hsa00511 other glycan degradation24 (+)
23hsa04320 dorso-ventral axis formation26 (−)
24hsa00520 amino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism27 (−)
25hsa00310 lysine degradation28 (−)
26hsa00270 cysteine and methionine metabolism29 (−)
27hsa04115 p53 signaling pathway30 (−)
28hsa04966 collecting duct acid secretion31 (+)
29hsa00830 retinol metabolism32 (−)
30hsa00910 nitrogen metabolism33 (−)
31hsa05217 basal cell carcinoma34 (−)
32hsa05010 alzheimer's disease35 (−)
33hsa04150 mTOR signaling pathway36 (−)
34hsa00532 glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis chondroitin sulfate37 (+)
35hsa04514 cell adhesion molecules (CAMs)38 (−)
36hsa04975 fat digestion and absorption39 (−)
37hsa05110 vibrio cholerae infection40 (+)
38hsa05416 viral myocarditis41 (−)
39hsa05012 parkinson's disease42 (−)
40hsa04614 renin-angiotensin system43 (−)
41hsa04130 SNARE interactions in vesicular transport44 (+)
42hsa00480 glutathione metabolism45 (+)
43hsa05211 renal cell carcinoma46 (+)
44hsa05322 systemic lupus erythematosus47 (−)
45hsa04120 ubiquitin mediated proteolysis49 (+)
46hsa00780 biotin metabolism50 (+)
47hsa00630 glyoxylate and dicarboxylate metabolism51 (−)
48hsa00510 n-glycan biosynthesis52 (−)
49hsa00061 fatty acid biosynthesis53 (−)
50hsa00232 caffeine metabolism55 (−)

a: “+” and “−” in this column indicate that the feature is related to the pathways obtained by (4) and (5), respectively. For example, the feature in the first row with “−” was calculated as abs(hsa05215_1-hsa05215_2).