Table 2: Survival of Bryndza cheese isolates in the presence of 0.3%, 0.5%, and 1% bile salts, deconjugation of bile salts, -galactosidase activity, and antibiotic susceptibility.

StrainGrowth (%) in the presence of bile (mean ± SD)Deconjugation of bile salts -galactosidase activity (Miller units, mean ± SD) Minimum inhibitory concentrations (mg/L) of the antibiotics

CK06 dsdsdg 0.25212880.0682
CK19 gggg 0.5412844324
B01 sdddg 241280.250.0611
B07 ggsdg 0.2541280.50.0624
K09 0.00gdwgg 18640.50.12322
K10 gddg 0.2541280.250.0382
K21 sdsddg 0.252640.120.0641
LM11 gsdgg 121288284
ZS07 gggg 0.2511280.120.0311
ZS11 ddwgg 0.250.53210.03164
ZS15 dsddg 0.251320.50.03161

TC: sodium salts of taurocholic acid; TDC: taurodeoxycholic acid; GC: glycocholic acid; GDC: glycodeoxycholic acid; d: deconjugation; sd: strong deconjugation; g: growth; wg: weak growth.