Figure 3: Ultrastructure of cyanobacterium 10Dp66E: a: SEM image; b: TEM ultrathin section of vegetative trichome; c: TEM ultrathin section of cell cluster; d: TEM ultrathin section of the cell part in the cell wall and thylakoids areas. B: bacteria; CG: cyanophycin granule; CM: cytoplasmic membrane; Cs: carboxysome; CW: cell wall; H: heterocyst; ITS: intrathylakoid space; M: intercellular matrix; N: nucleoid; OM: outer membrane; Pg: peptidoglycan; Phb: poly-β-hydroxybutyrate; PrG: protein granules; Sh: sheath; T: thylakoids; VC: vegetative cell. Scale bars: 10 μm (a), 1 μm (b, c) and 0.2 μm (d).