Figure 3: Effects of LPC029 HSL-degrading enzyme on pathogenicity of Pcc on potato tubers. Pathogenicity of Pcc was determined by inspection of lesion zones induced upon inoculation of potato tuber at two different sites. (a) Negative control consisting of tuber treated with 0.85% NSS, (b) inoculation of Pcc alone at 103 cells per tuber, (c) inoculation of Pcc at 103 cells mixed with 2 µg of partial purified HSL-acylase per tuber, (d) 2 µg of partially purified HSL-acylase, and (e) pathogenicity of Pcc determined by soft-rot weight. Soft-rot tissue from treatment (a)–(d) was measured after inoculation of Pcc for 3 days; bars indicate SD values of four replicates.