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Review Article

Metabolomics in Plants and Humans: Applications in the Prevention and Diagnosis of Diseases

Table 4

Metabolomic resources.


Human metabolome database and biological data of human metabolites
Golm metabolome database
Madison metabolomics database and MS
Metabolights structures, spectra, function/cross-species
Metabolomics at Rothamsted (MeT-RO) and microbial metabolites
Metlin metabolite database resolution MS/MS spectra and tandem MS experiments
PRIMe and metabolomics data/NMR spectroscopy, GC-MS, LC-MS and CE-MS
Plantmetabolomics and other plant species
Metabolome tomato database [79]Metabolites identified by LC-MS
Terpmed terpenoids, natural products, secondary metabolites/Therapeutic drugs
Armec repository project data/human and plant metabolomes for nutrition
MetaCyc of metabolite data with metabolic pathways/2000 organisms
RiceCyc pathways, enzymes, metabolites
AraCyc pathways, compounds/Arabidopsis
Solanacea Genomics network (SolCyc) genome databases/solanacea species
HumanCyc pathways, genome/human
KEGG Pathway database, metabolism, genetic information Cellular processes, human diseases
Mapman (e.g., Gene expression data, metabolic pathways)