Figure 2: (a) Spleen lysates of DEP-1+/+, heterozygous, and DEP-1−/− mice were precipitated; immunoblots with anti-DEP-1 antibodies were done. Equivalent protein amounts were immunoblotted against α-tubulin as loading control. (b) DEP-1 was immunoprecipitated and processed to a dephosphorylation assay of a radioactive labeled src-optimal peptide. A species-matched unspecific IgG served as Control. Shown is one representative experiment of % dephosphorylation in tissues derived from DEP-1+/+ and DEP-1−/− mice ( ). (c) Quantification of the external vessel diameters ( ). (d) Cerebrovascular reserve capacity (CVRC) determined by laser doppler flowmetry measurement 7 days after CCAO surgery ( ) ( wild-type versus DEP-1−/− mice). (e) Representative measurements of the cerebrovascular blood flow (CBF) dynamics in wild-type and DEP-1−/− mice. Initial 60 seconds was defined as baseline and minutes 5–15 was calculated as relative CBF alteration. (f) Gene expression analyses in the ipsilateral ACA of wild-type and DEP-1−/− mice by qPCR ( ) ( wild-type versus DEP-1−/− mice).