Table 1: Receipt of a complaint case and association with general practitioner and practice characteristics1.

OR 95% Confidence interval

General practitioner characteristics
 Male0.970.820.73 1.29
Professional seniority21.440.031.04 1.98
GP output per day31.290.011.07 1.54

Practice and practice environment characteristics
Practice size0.99 0.860.911.08
Socioeconomic index1.61 0.160.833.13
Senior citizen proportion0.990.76 0.93 1.05
Level of urbanization0.990.09 0.971.00

1Total number of Danish general practitioners, = 3,765; number of complaint cases, = 265.
2Per 20 additional years of professional seniority since graduation.
3Per 10 additional consultations per day. Average number of basic consultations per day per GP was 22.3 cons/(day*GP).