Table 2: Physicochemical characteristics of Ag nanospheres and nanowires (NWs).

Primary size1, nm -potential2, mV (pH) Hydrodynamic size3, nm (pdi) Dissolution4, %

Ag NWs −46 (7.0) Not relevant5 2.4
Ag spheres −36 (7.2) (0.25) 2.2

Determined from scanning electron micrographs; .
2Analyzed using electrophoretic light scattering method. The data were analyzed using Smoluchowski approximation.
3Hydrodynamic size is based on dynamic light scattering (DLS) measurement. pdi: polydispersity index.
4% nanomaterial dissolved was analyzed from ultracentrifuged extracts of 36 mg/L (Ag spheres) or 15 mg/L (Ag nanowires) dispersions by GF-AAS.
5Dynamic light scattering (DLS) measurement is not relevant for rod-shaped particles.