Table 5: Univariate analysis on the significance of the most important prognosticators in the whole Libyan material using cut points at 19 and 44 mitotic figures/mm² and 15 and 58 mitotic figures/10 hpfs for SMI and MAI, respectively. Different subgroups of the whole material are also tested in the corresponding method.

Group of patientsPrognostic feature   value

All patientsSMI 190.0001
SMI 440.001
MAI 150.0001
MAI 580.1
LN status<0.0001
T stage<0.0001
M stage<0.0001

PremenopausalSMI 190.005
SMI 44<0.0001
MAI 15<0.0001
MAI 580.13
LN status<0.0001
T stage<0.0001
M stage0.027

PostmenopausalSMI 190.1
SMI 440.09
MAI 150.8
MAI 580.5
LN status0.1
T stage0.06
M stage<0.0001

Positive LN
SMI 190.009
SMI 440.006
MAI 150.02
MAI 580.06
T stage0.001
M stage<0.0001

Negative LN
SMI 190.4
SMI 440.7
MAI 150.1
MAI 580.7
T stage0.7
M stageNA