Table 1: The results summary.

SexAge (month)Site of impaction of BBDuration of impaction of BBSize of BB (millimeter)Type of BBComplicationFollow-up period (month)

Male28Left nasal fossa 1 day15AlkalineMucosal turbinate and septal ulcerations3
Male50Left nasal fossa18 hours 8AlkalineMucosal turbinate and septal ulcerations3
Female48Right nasal fossa12 hours12AlkalineMucosal turbinate and septal ulcerations3
Male34Right nasal fossa3 days10AlkalineNecrosis of the inferior turbinate4
Male53Left nasal fossa1 week12AlkalineNasal septal perforation6
Female40Upper esophagus2 hours23AlkalineMucosal edema and discoloration5
Female42Upper esophagus5 hours22AlkalineMucosal burns and necrotic tissues7
Male30Upper esophagus4 hours22AlkalineMucosal burns6
Male23Upper esophagus6 hours20AlkalineMucosal burns and necrotic tissues7
Male36Stomach 3 hours15Alkaline3
Male23Stomach2 hours12Alkaline3
Female24Stomach 5 hours15Alkaline3
Male38Left external ear 3 days8AlkalineTympanic membrane perforation3

The button battery: BB.