Figure 6: Line profiles and micrographs of immunolabeled fibronectin (FN). Representative micrographs illustrate FN immunofluorescence in apical regions of control and ligated complexes at 4, 8, and 15 days. The intensity of FN expression was measured along the anatomical locations indicated by the 300 μm long bar. For the mesial complex, the -axis of the 300 μm long profile corresponds to alveolar bone (AB), periodontal ligament (PDL), secondary cementum (SC), and dentin (D). Note that the direction for the distal complex is reversed. (a1) 4-day control mesial complex, (a2) 4-day control distal complex, (a3) 4-day ligated mesial complex, (a4) 4-day ligated distal complex, (b1) 8-day control mesial complex, (b2) 8-day control distal complex, (b3) 8-day ligated mesial complex, (b4) 8-day ligated distal complex, (c1) 15-day control mesial complex, (c2) 15-day control distal complex, (c3) 15-day ligated mesial complex, and (c4) 15-day ligated distal complex. Dentin (D), secondary cementum (SC), periodontal ligament (PDL), alveolar bone (AB), new bone (NB).