Figure 2: Induction of human APOA5 gene promoter activity by CREBH-N. (a) Alignment of the putative CREBHRE on APOA5 promoter in human, mouse, rat, and human G6Pase promoter. Bold and box indicate a high degree of sequence conservation within the putative CREBHRE between human and rodent. (b) HepG2 cells were cotransfected with the human APOA5 promoter (−846/+62) along with increasing amounts of CREBH-N (50, 100, and 200 ng) or empty plasmid pcDNA3 as a control. (c) HepG2 cells were cotransfected with the human APOA5 promoter (−846/+62, 200 ng) along with the CREBH-N expression plasmid (100 ng) and Nur77 or HNF4α expression plasmid (100 ng). The *( ) indicates statistically significant differences of CREBH alone or HNF4α alone versus CREBH with HNF4α. Luciferase activity was measured using the Dual-Glo Luciferase Assay System. The data are represented as the ratio of firefly luciferase (Fluc) activity to Renilla luciferase (Rluc) activity. All experiments were performed in triplicate and data represent mean values ± SD of three individual experiments. Statistical differences from controls are indicated by asterisks ( and ).